Luxury Villas in Ithaca

Diomedes Villas in Ithaca is a family run business committed to providing its guest with a pleasant blend of comfort, privacy and hospitality in an idyllic environment. The villas guarantee memorable holidays in Ithaca, one of the most beautiful and unspoiled holiday destinations in Greece.

The land where the three villas were built was a property Diomedes Manias, born and raised in Ithaca Island. It used to be his favorite spot on the island, where he spent hours gazing the port of Vathy and the sun rising from the sea. Diomedes’ dream was to build his own home at this wonderful location. His dream was realized in 2008 by his son, Dionisis, who implemented his long-awaited business plan.

Naias, Eos and Nereis Villas are 100% made of stone extracted from Diomedes’ land. The houses are located in the countryside of the island, very close to Kaminia Beach and only 2.7 kilometers away from Vathy, the capital of Ithaca. The location combines the beauty of the Ionian Islands with Ithaca’s traditional character.

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